Summer days in Sydney

The parents had now jetted back to the northern hemisphere, so I decided it was time to return to Sydney for its famous New Years Eve fireworks. I was not really sure whether they would live up to the hype, but a friend and I, had got tickets to the new Barangaroo Reserve for only $35 and the positioning was perfect.With fireworks going off all around Sydney Harbour we pretty much had a 360 degree experience, once again Sydney did not disappoint!


Barangaroo Reserve – Photo Credit:


With a couple of weeks now to spare before my next road trip it was time to just enjoy Sydney in the Summer…. or so I thought. I’d arranged to stay at a friends in Coogee, thinking perfect, a week living right near the sea, wouldn’t that be the best way to start the new year. First day, new years day, was glorious, but from there on out, it felt like monsoon season. It was torrential rain for 5 days solid.


However once the rain passed, I made sure to get out and see sides of Sydney I was yet to explore. First stop was The Grounds of Alexandria, tucked away in the middle of an industrial area, it’s a foodie haven and an amazing urban garden, complete with petting farm, florists, fresh lemonade stands and the most amazing brunch menu.


For the next two weeks, the travelling budget went out of the window and we embraced our ‘epicurious’ side and made sure to explore some of Sydney’s cool bars and cafes. What better way to spend my last two weeks in Sydney 🙂


– December 31st 2015 to January 15th 2016 –



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