Tower Hill – The Parents Series

Next stop on the parental tour was a stay, just on the edge of Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, not far from popular great ocean road stop Port Fairy. We stayed in a gorgeous house, a few steps away from the reserve boundary edge.

After dropping off our bags we swiftly made our way to near by Killarney Beach to stretch our legs after the long journey.dsc04157dsc04166img_3850

We had heard about Griffiths Island, just out from Port Fairy, which was a popular nature spot, particularly for watching ‘Mutton’ Birds bombing into the burrows every evening for the night. So after our beach stroll, we headed down.

‘Mutton’ birds are short tailed shearwaters, sea birds who spend their days out at sea feeding. Then to avoid highlighting to predators where their burrows and their chicks are, they return at dusk so they are not as easily seen, dropping rapidly into their burrows. I have to admit that the whole experience wasn’t quite as dramatic as I thought it would be and it got incredibly cold waiting around. But it was still nice to say I’ve seen it and we also saw plenty of other animals and got particularly close to a few swamp wallabies.


Tower Hill Reserve was an amazing place, found in an extinct Volcano so is a very cool setting! We went on some amazing walks while there and saw some stunning Australian birds and even spotted a few Koala’s chilling out in a few trees.



Male Fairy Wren


Male Fairy Wren… Beautiful!






-16th & 17th December 2015-



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